Perfect Stranger

In 2015 I was lucky enough to tour with one of my favourite artists; Perfect Stranger.

I followed Yuli for just over six months to six different festivals across three continents to film this documentary, which gives a small insight into the life and music of a unique and talented individual as well as a look at the global psychedelic trance scene as it stands today.  


You can listen to more or Perfect Stranger's music on his Soundcloud. He also plays techno under his real name; Yuli Fershtat. He is currently signed to the Danish record label Iboga and in additoin to this runs his own label; Digital Structures.

I fimed this documentary between June and November 2015. There are some pictures from the tour which took me to V.I.R.U.S Festival and Summer Never Ends in Switzerland, Neon Festival in Turkey, O.Z.O.R.A in Hungary, Psy-Fi in the Netherlands and Strawberry Fields in Australia.