My good friend Tom and I recently took a 12 day trip to the Pyrenees, the mountains between France and Spain. It took us a day and a half to hitchhike there from Lyon which was frustratingly slow but by early in the morning on the third day we were walking, following the GR10 trail which runs along the French side of the border away from the Mediterranean. 

    The ruins of an old turret. The entire GR10 is marked by these little white and red stripes.

    Tom resting after a 1000 meter ascent spread over only 3km of trail.

    Cool cloud formations at sunrise.

    Taken a few minutes after the prvious photo but facing in the opposite direction, back towards France with the Mediterranean on the horizon.

    Descending back down into a valley on the fifth day, we found a lot of old stone walls and ruins of stone houses.

    On the seventh day we walked a lot less and rested instead at some natural hotsprings. They were free, secret and very hot; 44 degrees! 

    Heating water for tea in the morning.

    On the eighth day we passed through Llivia, a tiny province that is on the French side of the border but is considered part of Spain. No one would speak English or French to us so we didn't stay long.

    We ran out of blister tape and had to improvise.

    Lunch on most days.

    Refuge on day nine.

    Wild nettle tea.

    On the elevnth day of the trip we reached the border of Andorra; a tiny independant country in the mountains between France and Spain that has no tax and only 80,000 inhabitants.

     The France - Andorra border.

    From Andorra we hitchhiked back to the Mediterranean and then to Lyon, this time taking only one day. All up we walked about 150 km in ten days.


    A few point and shoot film photos from the couple of days I spent in Paris and the four days I spent filming our documentary at Teknival in the north of France.


    Sometimes my big camera is just too big, so I've bought myself a little Olmpus mju, this was my first time using it.


    My Transahara album got featured on the Australian photo blog Voena, click the photo to have a look :)


    I went to Morocco to photograph the unique Transahara Festival earlier this month. I was there for 10 days in total and didn't take many pictures outside of the festival, but these are a few that I thought were worth sharing. Photos from Marrakesh, Ouarzazate, and the drive to the festival in Merzouga. You can see my full Transahara album here.


    I went hiking over the weekend with two dear friends, Jeremy and Maryam, near the town of Voreppe in the foothills of the French Alps. The weather wasn't the best for photos but the hike was beautiful; we found an abandoned factory and slept in a really nice stone hut.


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    A psytrance party in the engine room of a disused facotry in Rotterdam, an hour south of Amsterdam.

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